About Us

Restaurant quality meals at a fraction of the cost

No need to leave your home, let us deliver to you.

Feeding the family with nutritious, well balanced flavoursome food by taking care of the decision making, shopping and cooking for you. Everyone is chasing time these days. Let us help you to achieve a healthy life balance.

Cost-effective and local, Family Kitchen with Mark has flavour with flair seasonal menus and a diverse range of dishes.  

My Story

I moved here twelve years ago. Initially, a six-month stay before returning to London, Wellington has been our home ever since.

My passion and love for good food derive from my mother, my greatest mentor. My mum was a major influence when I made the decision in my teenage years to pursue a culinary career. I remember as a ten-year-old entertaining my parent’s friends by preparing elaborate dinner parties.

My Experience

I’ve experience in managing kitchens around the world including the UK, Canada, Australia, and now New Zealand.

I am so grateful to live in a country where the produce is of superior quality. New Zealand, my second home, with its beauty and natural habitat, has always lived up to and even exceeded expectations.