Here you can find some of our Frequently Asked Questions.
Do you only deliver to suburbs within the Wellington region?

Our functions menus are available Wellington wide but we don’t like to say we’d never do a function outside of this area. Best to contact us and ask?We currently offer our services up to Kapiti, all of the Hutt Valley, Upper Hutt, Wellington’s CBD, South Wellington and the Northern suburbs. 

Are you planning to extend the delivery zone?

We are planning to extend the delivery area to include other areas of New Zealand at a later stage.

Where can I buy your doughnuts and other baked goods?

Check our events page on Facebook for all latest market dates etc. I update the website to advertise any upcoming events. I would also suggest taking advantage of our pre-ordering service to have a choice from our full range of doughnut flavour combinations. 


Do you cater for special diets?

We can cater to any special diet replacing items with something substantial and tasty. 

Are you on social media?

We post on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We also have a channel with lots of cooking demonstrations on our YouTube channel. 

Can I pick up doughnuts from you?

We have a pre-ordering service for ALL events. Go to our pre-order menu, select your flavours in the special requirement box, process your payment and then simply pick up at the event. This allows you the full choice of doughnuts PLUS you know we won’t run out as we do for most events.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is $20 including the delivery fee for weekly menus and a minimum number of guests for each of the various packages. Please check each menu for details.

Are the deliveries free?

 There is a standard fee of $25 for any functions or catering. 

Where do you make your food?

In my professionally set up kitchen at home which has been certified and verified by Wellington City Council and has all the relevant certificates.  

I also have City and Guilds Cookery and Culinary arts qualifications which include hygiene and nutrition.

Can I change my order?

If you need to change an order please contact Mark on  021 0223 0824. If time permits the order can be changed. This will depend on delivery day.

What about if I have special dietary needs and nothing is suitable on the menu?

Please leave a comment in the special requirement box when ordering. If you are unsure then contact Mark on  021 0223 0824