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Box of 12 Artisan Sourdough Doughnuts

We offer a special price for a box of 12 artisan sourdough doughnuts.

Slowly fermented with a sourdough starter base, our doughnuts are soft, lightly chewy, and balanced in flavour profile.

We launch a new flavour of doughnut at each event (please see our FaceBook events) and usually offer a range of 7 flavours.

We’ve launched over 100 flavours since starting to sell doughnuts two years ago.

Our flavours for this event are as follows:

Chocolate Heaven– filled with whipped vanilla creameux, topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate confectionary

Apple and Quince Crumble– stuffed with poached & spiced apple and quince, glazed with lemon icing and topped with buttered crumble

Toffee and Pistachio-filled with toffee custard and topped with toffee icing and roasted pistachio nuts

Lemon Meringue Cheesecake– Sweetened mascarpone and lemon curd stuffing, glazed with toasted meringue and crispy meringue biscuit.

Cinnamon Sugared– Our sourdough doughnut tossed in sugar syrup and finished in cinnamon sugar.

Mango and Pineapple Creme Brulee- Crispy glazed sugar topping with a chopped pineapple and mango infused creme brulee filling

Select which flavours you’d like as your choice of twelve and put this into the special requirement box when ordering.

Pick up pre-orders before 1pm.

Thanks for ordering our doughnuts.

Original price was: $72.00.Current price is: $66.00.