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Celebratory Sourdough Doughnut Platters

Our mini-sized artisan sourdough doughnuts, which are 70% the size of our usual doughnuts are perfect for birthday parties, afternoon tea, family occasions, morning business meetings, anniversaries or whatever the reason for wanting to enjoy and savour the tantalising taste of our slowly fermented sourdough doughnuts.

The minimum order would be 30 mini doughnuts. Platters are designed for between 30- 49 sourdough doughnuts, otherwise it's a celebratory board you'll need to order. Our doughnuts are presented on a wooden platter to give a mouth watering visual effect which are updated weekly with one new combination created at each of our events.

Our flavours for this week are:

Gold Rush- filled with whipped butterscotch creameux and vanilla creameux, and chopped Crunchie chocolate, topped with chocolate and caramel icing with Crunchie Chocolate bits

Cheery Ripe Cheesecake-  stuffed with whipped cherry & lemon cheesecake, topped with chocolate ganache and cherry ripe slice.

Mixed Berry & White Chocolate with White Chocolate Shavings- filled with whipped berry compote and topped with white chocolate ganache and white chocolate shavings.

Cardamon and Pistachio- filled with a whipped vanilla and cardamom creameux and topped with caramel icing and toasted pistachio crumble.

Cinnamon Sugared- Our sourdough doughnut tossed in sugar syrup and finished in cinnamon sugar.

Truffled Chocolate & Candied Pear - filled with candied pear custard, frosted with chocolate ganache and finished with a large chocolate truffle.

$4.75 per piece. Order between 30-49 pieces