‘Katsu Chicken’ Breaded Chicken, Rice, Slaw and Japanese Mayo

Katsu Chicken is a wonderfully simple, nutritious, flavoursome gem of a dish, it must be Wellington’s most popular choice in the city at lunchtime.

Our version has steamed basmati rice with a slaw of chopped cabbage, onion, carrots, pickles, and ginger.  Served on top is panko-crumbed chicken crispy fried and finished with Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise and Kecap sweet soy sauce.



The ingredients used in this dish are chicken, panko crumb, eggs, flour, salt, pepper, milk, allspice, nutmeg, cabbage, onion, carrot, gherkins, pickled lemon, pickled ginger, sweet soy, sesame oil, vegetable oil, lemon, olive oil, rice, chicken stock and mirin.

This is the main course portion suitable for one adult or two children.

The dish is served in a 980ml container.

We can cater to any special diets so please get in touch if this dish contains an allergen.