BBQ’d Marinated Half Chicken with Sea Salt Baked Potatoes, Vegetable Kebab, Herb & Lemon Salsa

Crispy, smoky, and as tender as you like, this dish is quite healthy with minimal fat. The chicken is marinated in oregano, thyme and rosemary from the garden, and grilled on the BBQ. The dish is served with potato wedges baked with sea salt and herbs, a vegetable skewer and a fresh and zingy herb and lemon salsa.

A salad would go perfectly with this dish.

The serving container for this dish is 980ml.



The full list of ingredients for this dish are chicken, olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, thyme, garlic, lemon, chilli, butter, zucchini, capsicum, red onion, onion, hoisin sauce, juniper berries, spice rub, mushroom and sea salt.