Ready In:

1 hour

Good For:

Lunch or Dinner


      • 3kg chicken thigh: on bone, cut in half

      • 3tsp toasted Sri Lankan curry powder

      • 2tsp fenugreek

      • 1tsp dried ? 

      • 1tsp sweet spice

      • 1 lemon – sliced

      • 1tsp cumin seeds

      • 1tsp crushed black pepper

      • 2 onions -grated

      • 4 cloves garlic-sliced

      • 2tsp turmeric

      • 2tsp grated ginger

      • 250ml natural yoghurt

      • 1 1/2 tsp rock salt-crushed in pecil and mortar

      • 80g butter

      • 2 onions -diced

      • 2 tomatoes -diced

      • 400ml coconut cream

      • 1tsp chicken ? stock powder

      • 2tsp fresh tamarind

      • 1cup water

      • 120g cashew nuts-chopped finely

      • 1/2tsp black pepper

      • 1cup fresh coriander-? chopped

      • 125ml natural yoghurt- sauce for chicken

      • 1/2 tsp honey-sauce for chicken

      • pinch dried ?-sauce for chicken

      • 1tsp fresh ? coriander-chopped-sauce for chicken

      Step by Step Instructions

      Step 1

      Marinade the chicken in all the listed ingredients from toasted curry powder to rock salt. Mix together, cover with glad wrap and marinade for 24hours. 

      Step 2

      With the first ‘Way’, Heat a pot over medium to high heat, brown the onions in butter for 4mins, add tomatoes and cook for 3mins, season.

      Add half the chicken to the pan, cook for 2mins. Add coconut cream, chicken stock powder, tamarind and water. Cook rapidly for 15 mins.



      Step 3

      Add the nuts to the curry and over medium heat cook for another 15 mins.

      Step 4

      Remove from heat once cooked and rest for 10 mins before adding coriander. Season to taste.

      If you can rest the curry for 30 mins, it’ll taste better.

      Step 5

      For the second ‘Way’, heat a griddle top, frying pan or BBQ for 2-3mins. Place the chicken onto the grill or pan and cook for 4-6 mins on each side over medium to high heat.

      No need for oil but if you’d prefer add a little oil during cooking.

      Rest the chicken for 5 mins once cooked.

      Step 6

      The sauce for the chicken is simple. Mix together the honey, yoghurt, chilli and coriander. 

      Perfect for the BBQ.


      Making two dishes from one element can be a great time saver. Marinade the chicken and make curry the first night and grilled with salad & vegetables on the second. 

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