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Good For:

Lunch, dinner, snack


  • 850g floury potatoes of the same size (washed, not peeled)
  • 160g strong flour
  • 50g parmesan-finely grated
  • 35g butter
  • 15ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 egg- beaten lightly
  • pinch nutmeg
  • pinch mixed spice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Flour for shaping
  • To serve: parmesan, olive oil and cracked black pepper

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Potato gnocchi can be made well in advance and if necessary the day before. 

Ready made fresh gnocchi can either be partially cooked, refreshed in cold water and tossed through a little oil and cold stored for later use, or they can be frozen and cooked from that solid state. 

There are three types of gnocchi: semolina, potato and choux pastry. I’ve always preferred the potato version. 

Step 2

The potatoes are best cooked in their skins as this maintains the dry finish we need. Always use floury varieties like Agria, llam Hardy or Laura.

Start the potatoes in cold water, season with salt and cook until tender. Once you can push a knife into the centre of the potato, it’s cooked. Average sized potato should take between 12-15min gentle boiling. 

Remove the potatoes, drain and leave to cool for 5mins. 


Step 3

As soon as you can handle the hot potatoes, peel and remove the skin using a small knife. Push the potatoes either through a ricer, a sieve, or while they’re hot and peeled, mashed using a whisk on high speed (they must be hot if using the whish attachment option). 

If the potatoes cool while peeling, simply reheat in a microwave before mashing. Potatoes need to be mashed when hot or they become glutenous and unusable for gnocchi. 

Step 4

Spoon the mashed potatoes into a mixing bowl and add flour, egg yolks and whole egg, butter, seasoning, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil and spices.

Trying to be as lightly fingered as possible, mix the ingredients together using a spoon and then empty mixture onto a clean side board or table.

Using floured hands and extra flour, mould the gnocchi into a soft dough that is quite sticky to touch but is dry enough to quickly handle. Use sufficient flour to maintain shape and avoid a sticky surface. Imagine touching dried mashed potato or a scone mixture. 

Step 5

Once the gnocchi dough is made and this wants to be soft, not sticky to touch, holding itself together, not firm, and in a dry state, put a large pot of salted water onto boil.

The gnocchi needs shaping immediately after making otherwise it goes all sticky and the gnocchi will have a firm finish. 

We’re now ready to start shaping the gnocchi. Do you know what you’re serving them with? Have you got a sauce in mind? 

Step 6

Lets gather all the equipment you’ll need before shaping the gnocchi. You’ll need a lined tray, strong flour, a fork with wide tongs, a clean dry sideboard, a large knife, slotted spoon or other for removing the gnocchi after cooking.

Step 7

Using floured hands and sprinkle a little flour onto your sideboard or table, roll the gnocchi into a thick sausage. If the gnocchi starts to fall apart it needs more egg. Roll by pressing light and trying to use the tips of your fingers.

Cut using a floured knife, into 2-3cm thick pieces. Cut a few pieces and then shape them over the fork. Shape by pressing and rolling them over the back of the fork. This will leave ridges on one side that the gnocchi will use to hold sauce. 

First cut the gnocchi and apply a bit more flour if required, and then roll over the back of a fork to make ridges. Roll and shape all of them. 

Step 8

Once the gnocchi have been shaped, they’ll need cooking (or freezing) within the hour or they will collapse. Cook by gently placing them into boiling, salted water. Immediately lower the heat to medium high and cook until the gnocchi raise to the surface. This will take about 2-3mins. Don’t boil throughout the cooking as this will destroy the pillows of pasta. 

Step 9

Drain the gnocchi gently as you don’t want to ruin their shape. Try spooning the gnocchi into a colander or sieve rather than emptying the pot into them. Once passed finish in the sauce you’ve made. Tomato sauce, creamed sauces, mushroom or meat ragout, the options are many. I actually fry my gnocchi in vegetable oil until golden brown and place on top of the sauce as another alternative serving suggestion. 

In our demonstration video, Morgan has served her gnocchi with tomato sauce, parmesan and olive oil. I’ve got to tell you, they tasted incredible and have the right consistency and bite.

Step 10

If storing cooked gnocchi for later use, make sure to eat them within 48hrs. Cook, refresh in cold water, drain and lightly toss in oil. Cover with glad wrap, and chill for up to 2 days. Reheat by plunging into boiling water, reducing heat to medium, and then cooking them until they rise to the surface. 

Freezing gnocchi in its raw state can be held for 2 months. When freezing gnocchi ensure to cook them from frozen and not defrosted. Cook them by following the same technique. Wait for them to rise to the surface of the water. 

A real winning recipe from the original master chef and constant recipe artista!!

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