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Dessert, Dinner Party, Pot-Luck


      • 5 egg yolks
      • 110g caster sugar + 100ml water= cooked to thin syrup for coffee mixture (boil 5mins)
      • 3tsp instant coffee + 80ml very hot water
      • 180g granulated sugar
      • 80ml water
      • 250g mascarpone cheese
      • pinch sweet spice
      • few drops vanilla
      • 240ml cream- lightly whipped
      • 30 x 20cm slab cooked sponge- cut into large pieces the size of your fingers.
      • 80g sponge
      • 30g sugar
      • 50g chopped dark chocolate
      • 40g chopped white chocolate
      • 2-3 tsp cocoa

      Step by Step Instructions

      Step 1

      Heat an oven to 140°C and break 80g sponge over a lined baking tray, sprinkle with 30g caster sugar and bake for 1 1/4 hrs until dry and crispy.

      Step 2

      Remove the mascarpone from the fridge.

      Boil the first sugar and water for the coffee syrup to a consistency that you find with tinned fruit. Not too thick. It will simmer for 5 mins. Dissolve the coffee in hot water and add to this syrup.

      Step 3

      Rinse a pot out with cold water and empty but don’t dry. Add granulated sugar and 80ml water to the pot and over low heat, melt the sugar. Once melted increase the heat and cook to 120°C. Don’t stir the sugar during cooking,

      While the sugar is cooking whisk the egg yolks till light and creamy and then whisk the boiled sugar slowly onto the egg yolks while whisking vigourously.  After all the sugar is added, whisk the mixture until cool. It must be cool before adding the cheese and cream.

      Step 4

      Beat the mascarpone using a wooden spoon. Add spice and vanilla, stir through.

      Add half the mascarpone to the egg mixture, whisk through and then add the second half, and while using a whisk fold the mixture gently together.

      Step 5

      Fold the cream through the mascarpone mixture in two batches. Use a whisk to gently fold the cream through. The mixture is now ready.

      Step 6

      Using a large serving dish or bowl, spoon 3dsp of the cream mixture into the bottom.

      Brush or soak pieces of sponge in the coffee syrup before immediately laying them over the cream to form a layer.

       Step 7

      Sprinkle half the white chocolate over the sponge and then cover with more cream, spread the cream over the sponge and then repeat with the sponge soaked in coffee syrup.

      Repeat this process until you have about 1/4 cream left. Use this on the top layer.

      While holding the bowl, bang it down onto a bench top to help fill in any gaps in the dessert.

      Refrigerate for at least 30mins.

      Step 8

      Chop the crystallised sponge into medium-sized pieces and mix with the chopped dark chocolate and the rest of the white.

      Step 9

      After 30mins or more, remove the tiramisu from the fridge and scatter the topping over the cream for a little piece of sweet heaven.

      Sieve cocoa over the dish and you’re ready to serve.

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